Chess Set: USCF Tournament Set

$355 star

I played chess at the library when I was growing up, and this simple chess set with its vinyl mat was awesome. The pieces are big and bulky and stylish, making them fun to handle, nice to look at, and easy to identify. Less expensive sets are useless; the pieces are small and hollow and blow around if you sneeze. More expensive chess sets should probably be classified as microsculpture, since any chess player would prefer to play with these Staunton style pieces, which are used in every chess tournament around the world.

This set is a perfect gift for anyone who wants to play chess. This one comes with a nice vinyl zippered carrying case, which comes in handy for both storage and transportation.

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  1. on 15 Oct 2007 at 3:27 pmMichaela

    Any suggestions for a travel version?

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