Your niece just graduated from college. During the congratulatory phone call, you asked if there was anything you could do to help with her upcoming transition to adulthood.

“Omigosh! I totally need a DVD player!”

You love your niece, but entertainment electronics were not really what you had in mind. Nevertheless, it’s her job to decide what’s important, and it’s your job to be cool with that.

So you’re in for a DVD player. How much can it be? You check the Internet and find 34 different makes and models. You don’t want to spend too much, but you don’t want to give a family member a piece of crap–you’ll never hear the end of it. You look at some reviews, but there are so many, and every product seems to have its share of rabid fans and even more rabid detractors.

You realize that you just want something reasonable. A fair price, for a durable product, from a responsible merchant. And the one thing you’d rather not spend is another minute trying to figure out which DVD player is best for your niece’s perceived post-collegiate needs.

So you come to Reasonable Goods. We give you one DVD player to choose from, and we promise that it will be reasonable for a majority of consumers, including nieces and total novices: a quality item that’s affordable, available and easy-to-use. We provide links to research at multiple online sources, so you can check our recommendation for yourself. When you’re ready, follow the direct link to Amazon (for most products) where you can buy the item quickly and without any unreasonable hassle.

If you’d like to suggest a product category or a specific reasonable product, please email us and we’ll put your suggestion straight to the front of the queue. If you have experience with one of the products we’ve recommended, please post a comment and let our readers know whether or not you agree.

Enjoy the reasonable goods!