Roasting Pan: Granite Ware

$204 star

Cook’s Illustrated recommends the Granite Ware for the occasional roaster. Note that their first choice is ten times the price:

Think you don’t need a roasting pan? Just wait until you host your first Thanksgiving dinner, and you find yourself at 8 A.M. on Thursday scrambling to find something in which to cook your 15-pound bird. Unlike many other tools that have satisfactory stand-ins, there just isn’t any substitution for a roasting pan. Saute pans and lasagna pans are too small, baking sheets are too low-sided, pots too high-sided.

We gathered eight brands of roasting pans and used them to roast turkeys, sear roasts, and make gravy. We also judged each pan’s design and ease of cleanup. Our favorite pan, the All-Clad Stainless Steel Roti, is quite an investment at $180, but its sturdy design, easy-to-use handles, and solid construction make it worth it for dedicated roasters. However, we also liked the Granite Ware Extra Large Capacity Covered Oval Roaster, which, at $17.99, may not have performed as well as the All-Clad but will do just fine for the occasional roaster.

The New Cooks’ Catalogue also chooses this roaster. From

It’s a pretty safe bet that your mother - and your grandmother - owned a covered roasting pan like this one. The same U.S. company has been making these black porcelain-on-steel roasters, specked with white flecks, since 1871. This large roaster has a “tree” embossed pattern on the bottom, to partially lift food off the surface. To store the pan, just invert the lid. The Granite Ware roaster is a practical, economical, time-honored choice. No roasting rack included. Not safe for glass/ceramic/induction stoves.

Widely acclaimed and long held as very reasonable.

Note:Amazon currently sells this product through a vendor that charges an unreasonable price. I’ve never used A Best Kitchen, but they list the Granite Ware roaster for less than $15. I’d risk it.

Update: Amazon’s price on this roasting pan is now (as of April 2008) reasonable.

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