Planet Earth (BBC)

$455 star

We’ve been recently getting these DVDs from Netflix (a very reasonable service on its own), and this documentary from the BBC about Planet Earth is ultrareasonable. With a $25million budget and five years going around to every climate in the world, the production team got amazing footage that should not be missed by anyone who calls the Earth home. In fact, going around the tubes yesterday (via boingboing) was this awesome timelapse video of growing slime mold and mushrooms, uncredited but from the Planet Earth episode on Jungles (which I coincidentally watched tonight):

David Attenborough narrates this original BBC version with his British accent, and he’s great to listen to. 11 episodes of 50 minutes apiece, covering both poles, mountains, fresh water, caves, deserts, ice worlds, great plains, jungles, shallow seas, seasonal forests, and the ocean deep. Beautifully done; earth porn at its finest.

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  1. on 04 Mar 2009 at 11:26 pmbill

    This documentary kicks fucking ass. I don’t care what anyone says. I’m going to Fry’s right now for a plasma screen so I can get the full effect.

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