A New Reasonable Rating System

Last week I developed a 5-star rating system based on the bell curve, but it just was just too much. So I boiled ratings down to their essence, and this new system turns out to be much simpler and somewhat intuitive.

All Items are Reasonable

All products listed on Reasonable Goods, with or without any “stars”, are reasonable; that’s the whole point. If you have reasonable expectations, you will not be disappointed with these items.

Silver Stars are Very Reasonable

These very reasonable products will surprise you, but there are competitors and you might be able to save a few bucks with a knock-off or get a great high-end clearance deal. We’ve tried some of the other items in this category, and we still think this one is the most reasonable, unless you know you want something else, in which case, go shopping!

Gold Stars are Ultrareasonable

These items are best-in-class or beyond, and probably have been for awhile now with no close competitors. Achieving ultrareasonable status requires a kind of consensus among shoppers, and no significant flaws. These products are the passion behind Reasonable Goods. If you find a gold star product unreasonable, I may have to find you unreasonable, and I’m sure others will agree.

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