Motorcycle: Kawasaki Ninja EX500

$5,000 new4 star

The Kawasaki Ninja EX500 is a very reasonable one-size-fits-many motorcycle, smackdab between the lightest and cheapest 250cc, which is great to learn on but not great on the highway; and the robust 750cc racer, which is fast and fun but heavy and overkill for most riders. Its 500cc engine has not changed significantly in 20 years; you can readily find parts on eBay and Amazon.

This recommendation seems to be fairly consensus and longstanding, as this review (2000) and this Consumer Democracy writeup illustrate.

If you just want to commute to work, a scooter is probably more reasonable–it’s easier-to-use, cheaper, and probably safer.

Note: Buying a motorcycle is a substantial purchase: at least $1000 for a used bike, up to $5000 for a new EX500. Amazon doesn’t stock motorcycles, so the most reasonable places to buy a bike online are Craigslist and eBay, which has used and sometimes new bikes. Motorcycle enthusiasts generally agree you should buy your first bike used; it’ll save you money and some of these bikes will function for decades if maintained reasonably. The link takes you to an eBay search for the Ninja EX500, highest price first (that way you see the bikes, not the parts). Shop wisely!

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  1. on 26 Oct 2007 at 7:51 pmScottpotpie

    I just bought an ‘89 Honda CB-1 (CB400F), also reasonable at 2K and damn fun!

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